@Miss-Shane said: I've resetted my Chromecast. Will monitor. Glad to know there are others Also having this issue. Why does my Video suddenly Drop outs & Quits from Video Stream App while it's playing on my Android Phone used as as Remote Control? Then I have to CLick on my TV Show & Cast to Chromecast on my TV all over again which is quite annoying. Is this Normal or a Glitch that can be fixed? My router is new & my HIghspeed is 25Mbps pkg. No popcorn microwaves running. Good thing is that it resumes from the part it stopped playing at. WIll try to send logs over may help. Let me know? Tks @Miss-Shane About 3 month ago we should have fixed this. If you're still seeing this something new must be going on - any chance you could send Graham an email (he'll know more about this then me) at graham@getvideostream.com and we'll figure out what's going on here!