How to get premium features on mobile app after purchasing on PC.

  • Re: How to get premium features on mobile app?

    So I purchased the premium version on my computer wanting the upgraded options primarily for my phone. After completing the purchase the app on my computer showed the Premium version. I then went to my phone and couldn't get the premium to work. I just wanted me to purchase the Premium version again. So I tried updating the app on my phone and no luck, I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app and no luck. So I did this and it worked, I hope it works for you all who have had this same problem.

    Solution: After I checked for updates in google play, Uninstalled and reinstalled the application still with no results, I then did this. Closed all apps on my phone, went to ---Settings - Apps - Videostream mobile - Storage - clicked on Clear data. Then when I opened the Videostream mobile app it went through the pc pairing setup, I paired it with my desktop and everything seems to work now. I hope this helps.

    Phone is a Samsung S9 android, your navigation to these app options may be a little bit different. Good luck.

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