How to get premium features on mobile app?

  • I see premium features in Chrome but on Android I don't see anything new.
    I should see at least playlist feature.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    Android app does not ask to sign in with a specific Google account.
    I have 3 google accounts on my mobile.
    Is that a problem?

  • I just purchased the lifetime premium. I am having the same issue. I can see premium features in Chrome but not on Android app. I was looking for the superific playlist feature on my Android app so that I don't have to leave my recliner, but it is not there.

    How can I get the premium features in my Android app?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Same question. Thanks.

  • Same issue here, otherwise keep up the smashing work guys!

  • bump!
    I just went pro and was quite disappointed to find I actually cant navigate my media library/playlist via the app (aka the whole reason I bought into this app)
    Is there a problem on me end or was this never a feature to begin with?

    Top work aside from that. Videostream has been working great otherwise - but still, fingers crossed I get what I came for! =)

  • Is there a resolution for this? I am having the same problem. When I select multiple videos only the first one plays.


  • So, this question was asked 2 months ago and NO one has bothered to reply in any way?
    That is really excellent support by the developers (not) or is this 'forum' intended only for
    those people who have paid for a lifetime 'premium' product (like me) to be figuring out
    our own answers to these questions, so as to not be bothering the developers? I admit
    that I am feeling a bit ripped-off here. Anyone have any answers to support ?s anywhere?

  • Thank you Ken for saying what I am also feeling. I keep checking back every day as these are the features you want most when buying the product, how is it that they don't work? If not here, where do we get help?

    I am a software developer also but I only develop for the company I work for but even so I still perform tech. support and I would never go more than 4 hrs. without acknowledging that help is on the way.

    What now?


  • I'm replying here too just so that this thread may get noticed with more responses. However, has anyone tried emailing them about this issue? I saw their email address appears on the same pop up box as the forum's

    I'm not sure if my question is related or not...but I think so. I was able to link what folders I want to have access to from the app, and they play fine both from the PC/laptop and the app. However, my files are named terribly (usually from random torrents or downloads). So, most of my local files are organized in folders rather than taking the time to rename each file. Problem is from the app, I just see a huge list of files (i.e., 2169deee3080eb9c540596435a35d76c.mp4). Normally, playing this from the PC/laptop is no big deal because it's in a path like F:\1080\DoctorWho\S12 and then are just sorted by download date. But from the app, I can't tell what the folder (or path) that the file is actually in (and thus no idea what the file is).

    I may indeed just have poor electronic organization skills. : ) I would rename them, but I saw another post that asked if there is a way to edit the file metadata, but I have no idea how to do this outside of an audio/video editing software. Simply renaming the file often doesn't change the metadata (at least that I've experienced with mp3 files and music apps).

  • @AaronC I just figured out that the file path is shown in very small letters below the file name on the app. So that helps, but it would be even MORE helpful if the app files could be viewed in a folder hiearchy. I will post this suggestion in a new thread.

  • Why are the developers not answer this issue?

    @hrvoj3e said in How to get premium features on mobile app?:

    I see premium features in Chrome but on Android I don't see anything new.
    I should see at least playlist feature.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    Android app does not ask to sign in with a specific Google account.
    I have 3 google accounts on my mobile.
    Is that a problem?

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    How to get premium features on mobile app after purchasing on PC.
    Re: How to get premium features on mobile app?

    So I purchased the premium version on my computer wanting the upgraded options primarily for my phone. After completing the purchase the app on my computer showed the Premium version. I then went to my phone and couldn't get the premium to work. I just wanted me to purchase the Premium version again. So I tried updating the app on my phone and no luck, I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app and no luck. So I did this and it worked, I hope it works for you all who have had this same problem.

    Solution: After I checked for updates in google play, Uninstalled and reinstalled the application still with no results, I then did this. Closed all apps on my phone, went to ---Settings - Apps - Videostream mobile - Storage - clicked on Clear data. Then when I opened the Videostream mobile app it went through the pc pairing setup, I paired it with my desktop and everything seems to work now. I hope this helps.

    Phone is a Samsung S9 android, your navigation to these app options may be a little bit different. Good luck.

  • You can keep more than 3 google accounts on your mobile that's not a problem. But have to log in on that account in which you buy a premium feature for chrome. And if you want to learn to create app without coding the please visit site. Hope my suggestion will help you out.

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