• 1) Open TCP ports 5556 and 5558 in Avast

    Step 1 - Open the Avast! control panel. Click on the "Settings" tab.
    Step 2 - Click on the "Firewall" button in the left nav.
    Step 3 - Click on the "Settings" button in the firewall status area.
    Step 4 - Under the "PACKET RULES" header, click on the "Packet rules..." button.
    Step 5 - Click on the "Add" button and enter in the information as shown. After entering in the information, click on the "OK" button and you're done!

    See example:

    Name: Videostream
    Action: Allow
    Protocol: TCP
    DIrection: In/Out
    Local Port: 5556-5558
    Remote Port: 5556-5558

    2) Add exclusion for "chrome.exe"
    See here: http://en.kioskea.net/faq/12294-avast-internet-security-create-an-exclusion

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