What comes first in a home renovation?

  • What comes first in a home renovation?

  • The first and the main here is to hire some experts from some trusted company. Personally I like this property renovation company the most. Fittra was very professional with my small project. They were very clear and specific as to what they were able to do for me. Fittra completed what I needed to have done in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the end result. I would highly recommend Fittra for anyone's design projects.

  • @cristofer said in What comes first in a home renovation?:

    What comes first in a home renovation?

    First, you should have an idea of what sorts of renovations you would like. It can be a simple as “I don’t like the paint color in the living room” or an itemized list for a larger project like 1) More usable kitchen, 2) Curb appeal, 3) More closet space

    Once you have an idea of the scale of the renovation, you should be able to determine whether you can accomplish it on your own, or will need assistance.

    If you need help, then you will need to find someone you like and trust to help.

    At that point, it is time to begin the detailed planning of the project, determine costs and length of the renovation.

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