Are granite countertops better than laminate?

  • Are granite countertops better than laminate?

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    Are granite countertops better than laminate?

    Granite is porous and needs to be re-sealed. It has beautiful, natural appeal and says expensive. It's a statement. Expensive solid surface and quartz, are a good substitute for natural stone. They are easier care and cost as much or more than granite, and can look pretty natural. They can also be a statement, that these are better, more expensive, or cheaper, just as good, or that you don't have time to deal with granite or marble, or other natural stone. If you're talking about sheet laminate, it means you either don't have the money for the expensive countertops, or don't care for the expensive ones, and are prepared to either sell the house or replace the countertops sooner. You didn't mention tile. I hate tiled kitchen countertops in a lot of ways, we have bumpy tiles with dark green grout.

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