Crap sice upgrades!!

  • I see that the android app has been updated and the chrome extension has been too, looking at the screen anyway? I was really happy with both apps up till today now files just wont play properly... Keep breaking up the stopping then go on on playing for a few screens but back to the same again braking up, stopping and start for a few screens.

    I have my AV (AVIRA IS) Turned off my FW is turned off.... Ports are open. Like all week I had not 1 single problem, now its a joke.

    Can someone please help me out as I loved this app and was going to buy a lifetime premium account on my payday, now.... How can I even think of buying this when it will now work since these upgrades?? Props to the devs b4 2day it was perfect now a load of crap, sorry but it is :-/ I wish not as I loved it!!

    Im not playing 720p/1080p files just normal 420p xvid/mp4/mkv all that worked flawlessly before today.

    Any help/Advice would be great if I get this working how it was im sure going to be buying the premium service from ye.


  • @r1983 said:


    Hey! Really sorry that the app is giving you such a hard time - that is super wierd that it's just started giving you problems today.

    I can't think of anything that we've released lately that would cause something like what you're seeing

    Is there any chance someone is doing anything intense on your network? Like downloading a video, watching YouTube, etc..? If you are doing something like this then i could see stuttering coming out of no where

    Please let us know - really want to help you get to the bottom of this and fix the app if the issue is in fact on our end :)

  • So since the update videos that once worked (mp4's) now no longer read or play in Videostream. I've followed all troubleshooting guide lines and still nothing works. Quicktime reads the files fine. This does seem like there is a flaw in the new updated app as I'm not the only user. Is there some limit to how many files the app can read? I love the app and the new look but there does seem to be some fine tuning done.

  • @joshuacan Hey Guys! we just pushed some pretty major fixes to the app for this. Could you uninstall and reinstall the app and give it another shot?

    Let me know what happens, fixing this is still our top priority right now!

  • Seems like everyone has the same problem as I do since the update. Not continuing my membership because NONE of my videos will stream steady. Whereas before EVERY video streamed with no issue. Nothing changed on my end. same computer, same modem and speed, same video formats. Maybe it is a problem with the update you guys put in or the app in particular. Just can' t see it all affecting everyone at the same point in time and it being something wrong on our end.

  • giving it a go now

  • @stellychristy We know that the issue is on our end but what we're trying to do is track down what types of files are effected so that we can reproduce what's happening on our our computers, (and patch whatever it is)

    Did the update help out at all?

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