Internal Subtitles No Longer Load

  • Ive been using Videostream for a while and so far have been very happy with the service however recently it will no longer output the subtitle track that are internally part of the video. Previously all I would need to do is select the subtitle menu and in the drop down box for subtitle choices I could choose the English subtitles with no problems. The video would then adjust and show English subtitles on the TV it was streaming to. Currently there are no options to choose the subtitle track that are internally present on the video.
    Checking the video on other programs like VLC Player the subtitle track works perfectly it is only videostream that has these problems.
    I do not know the subtitle track format the video uses only that it worked previously on this service but it does no longer

  • I'm having the same problem.

    I already tried to reinstall the chrome plugin, the playstore app, load the library again but the subtitles are not showing anymore...

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