Embedded subtitles in MKV Files won't show in Videostream Premium

  • I use Videostream for a while now, since today I upgradded to the Premium version.
    I can't get subtiles that are embedded in *.MKV files to show on the TV/Chromecast.

    The subtitles are shown in VLC player.

    I would like to know how I can fix this problem?


  • They might be in a format we don't yet support. Do you know what format they are in?

    We should have you covered for SSA/ASS, Sub-rip (SRT), WebVTT, and some buggy support of SAMI.

  • Hi Graham,

    I'm looking into the MKV file with Video Converter (wondershare) but all i can find is Text as subtitle.
    Is there a better you know to find out what kind of subtitle it is?

  • In VLC go to Tools -> Media Information and go to the Codec tab!

  • Tnx. Found it: Codec: Text subtitles with various tags (subt)

  • I have the exact same problem. If I wan't the subtitles, I have to select the external one but I have english subtitles too... If I choose the internal one, I only have a sentence once a time.

  • I upgraded to Premium yesterday. It is working fine for some MKV files but I just have a few that won't play. I checked in VLC and the subtitle code is SubStation Alpha subtitles (ssa)

    For now I'm using Chrome to play with VLC and cast that tab, but doesn't allow one to use a playlist, which is not so great when ill and can't move much around, sniff.

    EDIT: Nope, can't cast it like that either apparently since I upgraded to Premium, just looks like a gray blur.

  • Still encountering this problem for a MKV file I'm using with Videostream Premium. On VLC Media Player it says the Codec is DVD Subtitles (spu). Any chance for a fix in the future? Right now, on Videostream, the subtitles are a completely unrelated stream of gibberish about Power Rangers (weird), while they work properly on VLC Media Player

  • I'm not sure if my issue is the same as everyone here. I am playing an anime show in a playlist. About 12 video files(mkv), all with subtitles embedded. When the next file plays, sometimes subtitles wont come up. In the subtitle menu everything is selected correctly. If you skip around the video using the time bar though, subs will come back. Very strange.

    I'm using the premium version btw.

  • When is this going to be fixed? MKV with DVD Subtitles (spu) are still not working. (I'm also on premium account) I have all my dvd:s ripped on my computer with these subtitles and I can't watch them with this.

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