Best Cosplayer Ever?

  • Thank you so much! I mainly created the necklace for my shop. I was getting into Game of Thrones (I started watching during Season 7) and I wanted to create something that I could sell as a cosplay accessory and saw Sansa’s necklace and decided I would be able to make it. I did decide at one point that I wanted to cosplay as Sansa and wear the necklace. My mother and I are now working on Game of Thrones faux fur capes that people can buy for cosplay and as a Halloween costume.

  • DC Comics was my first introduction into the geek world so it has a special place in my heart, plus I genuinely enjoy the characters, storylines, and their message about what it means to be a superhero. My favorite DC Comics characters are Batman, Young Justice’s Black Canary, Young Justice’s Artemis, Young Justice’s Kid Flash, Robin/Nightwing, DC Superhero Girls’ Bumblebee, and Vixen.

  • I’m happy you asked! I love Lore Olympus, Age Matters, and Edith. I read others but those three are my ultimate favorites. I like reading webcomics that have characters and storylines that are relatable. I also like storylines that are funny. Reading webcomics is new to me and I’m loving this way of storytelling!

  • I have always loved storytelling and those two mediums are the ones I am most passionate about. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to act and be a writer (I realized I wanted to be a screenwriter a few years ago). I have always loved performing (I used to be a dancer for 5 years) and entertaining others so acting and writing is really up my alley and I hope to have a career in it one day. I have a love for film and video production and it’s an art medium that has brought me a lot of joy and being able to create my own work is something I’m striving for.

  • It's about depicting a character from the areas of gaming, film and television, anime and manga or something similar. This of course includes the optical component, i.e. the appearance including the entire clothing and styling. But it also includes the character itself, i.e. its behavior and characteristics. CosplayHero, Germany's premium cosplay shop, provides you with everything you need for it.

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