Does videostream support x265?

  • just curious if the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) supported out the box..

  • @hopeless it does, what actually happens is that videostream will use ffmpeg to transcode the video to 264 which is what the chromecast natively supports, this will be evident with your cpu usage increasing noticeably as compared to when you cast a 264 video which is directly streamed without any need to transcode.

  • ah many thanks for that info. On a side note does the new chromecast support x265 natively?

  • From everything I see, no. The only changes in hardware relates to Wifi, no new decoding hardware.

  • Correct, the new chromecast had the smallest of cpu upgrades. Google does not plan to expand the capabilities of the chromecast beyond a simple h264 streamer. This will probably change when far more 2k/4k content becomes available and designing a new chromecast around the makes business sense.

  • The Chromecast Ultra lists HEVC as a supported codec. Does this mean that when casting to an Ultra the video will be streamed as-is, without real time transcoding?

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