Back to Chromecast "Backdrops" when videostream is paused for approx. 15 minutes

  • Hello!

    I have a quick question and I don't seem to find the information anywhere. I think this problem was not present until recently, but I couldn't be 100% sure.

    Whenever I put a video, any one of them, for pause for more than 10 or 15 minutes, haven't had the time to actually time it, it goes back to Chromecast Backdrops and completely quits Videostream.

    Is this normal behavior? It's kind of annoying :(.


  • Hey! Sorry but yeah this is intended functionality we've just recently added a 20minute timeout on the Chromecast. We had a couple users who left it paused and it actually burned the video into the TV :(

    Just curious, what's the case that you want to leave the picture up for 20+ min?

  • Hello!

    Yeah, I can get that then! It would be nice if you could have a way to disable it (with a pop-up warning you...) or even just make the screensaver appear but if you move the mouse, it would come back where you left off. You could also store a marker locally or something of where the video was :). Anyway, lots of solutions and development I guess.

    Well, I would say that my case should not be that common but we have a newborn here and an older child as well, so we often get interrupted long enough for us to loose where we are.

    By the way, just wanted to mention that this does not change the fact that your app is great and I love it!

    Thanks !!

  • Oh, and I thought there was something wrong with my setup. Was doing that refresh/reload thing with the chrome app to see if the problem would go away. I stumbled into this new feature recently when I needed to do something and decided to pause the show I was watching for a while (in my case it was a rather long skype phonecall). It happened again when I decided to take a break from a series marathon and took a shower. :P

    It does not happen to me often (so far those are the 2 cases where I experienced it) but in my opinion maybe 20 minutes is a bit too fast? Yes an option to ask is also a good suggestion. Maybe can prompt the user and can opt to not ask again for this session but will ask again next time you use the app, or ask to be reminded again or if the user does not answer in 5 minutes it will auto go to the "screensaver" mode.

    That temporary screensaver mode when idle is a great suggestion also.

  • Yes, please change the pause functionality to either revert to screensaver after timeout or to allow user to set default behavior via preferences. As someone with small children watching it is often necessary to pause for extended periods and it is a pain to return and have to restart the show and find the last watched point.

  • I'd just like to add that this is one of the new features I find kinda annoying. There has been several occasions - like a phone call, someone visited, gone out for a couple cigarettes etc, where I've had to pause and not noted where I was and Videostream has stopped casting.

    Could the timeout be extended? Or something we could set??

  • This is a "feature" that actually makes me want to stop using this app altogether. I often watch a movie for about 45 minutes before needing a break, so I pause it and then when I come back there's no way to know where I was before. I would not mind this at all if there was a way to come back to the same time in the video I was watching previously. Or just put a simple bouncing videostream logo and the screen burn problem can be fixed without affecting the 99% of users who are unaffected by it.

  • sory, im dont speak english, you can write in french

  • Are there any plans to add an option to disable the timeout? I'm currently considering hacking together something to pause/unpause automatically to circumvent it but I'd prefer something more elegant.

    If it helps, my use case is that I use Videostream when I am eating and I prefer to start to cast and immediately pause before I prepare food, and then unpause from my phone when I sit down to eat. I don't want to have to adjust quality settings and select subtitles while my food is getting cold, which is why it is useful to me to leave a video on pause.

  • It´s not logic because it´s separate device. Means TV itself should turn off the screen to prevent burn as mine does. It´s problem of TV, not chromecast - the burn. Chromecast still can hold video. When tv screen is resumed, the chromecast video can be resumed. It works. Neverless chromecast can have setting with warning it can damage screen. So it´s about to want to give to users what they need. There is not software evolution in Chromecast, it´s just simple.

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