Tip for Subtitles: maybe it's a silly thing but...

  • To automatically load the subtitle with the video, make sure to SELECT THE VIDEO FILE AND THE SRT FILE AT ONCE. It works! :o) This could be shown as eg a Tip of the day reel feature maybe? ;-)

  • I reported a non real issue and already erased it from here to reposition the true:
    Chromecast didn't let me to drag an .avi video file into it. Instead, it always started to duplicate that file.
    I didn't know Videostrem by the time. So I converted the .avi to .mp4 with DVDfab and this program added the substitles, directly to the to the file, missing non-english characteres like ç, õ, etc.
    When I used Videostream to display this videofile there were 2 substitles: The one added by DVDfab (with missing characteres) and the one (perfect) that appeared because of Videostream,
    Undestanding now that Videostream did never duplicate the subtitles, I apologize and the minimum I can say is that your app did it right and also read the .avi video file that Chromecast can't cast directly. VLC was a way round but Videostream is the best way round.
    Your app is awesome!

    ´Your app displays portuguese subtitles quite well and runs an .avi file that c
    As for me your app is awesome.

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