Can you cast in 3D?

  • Hi, I can cast a video onto my tv using chromecast but was wondering if you can cast a 3D video.If so how can this be done?

  • I have this doubt too. Im waiting for some days untill my 42w805b arrive, and today I finally got it....tonight ill test it and so I can tell you.

  • Good morning wcb,

    Well, yestarday I tried to watch Avatar 3D, it works fine in some simple scenes, but when you got action scenes, in each 2 secs I got stuck with BUFFER icon, so, for me its like it doesnt work at all, its imposible to watch a movie happening that.
    My router is a 300 Mpbs and the PC that were casting got full connection, just dont know in which speed the Chromecast were connected (actually, I dont know how to see it), but the router is next to the TV.
    Of course the movie I tested was in a good quality of video and sound, but it should be able to cast.

    here the spects of this movie I've tested:

    Type............: 1080p
    Total Size......: 20.8 GiB
    Runtime ........: 2h 41mn
    Sample..........: Yes
    DXVA compliant..: Yes
    Source..........: 3D Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA5.1
    Resolution......: 1920x1078(1080 with border)
    Aspect Ratio....: 1.78:1(16:9 with border)
    Bitrate.........: 16.5 Mbps
    Frame Rate......: 23.976 Fps
    Video Encoder ..: x264 2 pass L4.1 High
    Video Container.: Matroska (mkv)
    Chapters........: Yes
    Audio...........: English
    Bitrate.........: DTS 1510 kbps @ 5.1 CH
    3D Subtitles....: Dutch,English(Na'vi parts only),English,Estonian,French,German,Greek,
    ................: Indonesian,Italian,Latvian,Lithuanian,Malay,Polish,Portuguese-BR,
    ................: Russian,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian.sup(MUXED IN MKV)
    Encoder.........: munkman

    x264 Log :

    x264 [info]: frame I:1593 Avg QP:15.75 size:321733
    x264 [info]: frame P:76578 Avg QP:18.79 size:140969
    x264 [info]: frame B:154255 Avg QP:21.20 size: 56222
    x264 [info]: consecutive B-frames: 6.6% 8.1% 36.1% 30.6% 8.1% 9.8% 0.5% 0.3%
    encoded 232426 frames, 3.16 fps, 16488.54 kb/s

    I tried others 2D movies with good quality too and worked fine in all scenes i've tried. I just didnt test yet the DTS or DD5.1 sound to see if it really works well.

    Actually i tested the 3D but for me the main reason of Chromecast is 2D movies, so its still great with Videostream :D

  • Hi! Like @tuliobarata said, we work technically but some MKV videos in 3d are too giant (too much data per second) for the chromecast to decode! I've watched the hobbit and x-men in 3d but YMMV! It's something we're working on improving, it's just an extreme case of what causes buffering in other videos as well.

    @tuliobarata could I get a link to the source of that 3d video? You can email me at!

  • Of course Matt, I just sent the link to you.
    And about the 5.1 sound, does that works ? I downloaded some videos with 5.1 surround, when I play directly from my HT it works on 5.1, but not when i play from chromecast... Does it works ?


  • Hi , can anyone direct me as to from where can i download 3d movies in .mkv

    I am wasting my 3d tv , just have no content and netflix is not an option.

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