What happened to our Premium bonuses IE: extra software like documentaries?

  • I noticed my apps twitch videostream app and documentarys app with videostream send me to the normal videostream app?

  • Exactly. I'm still able to use viddit, but the documentaries app takes me to the videostream splashscreen...

    Does this have anything to do with the subscriptions being cancelled?

  • Subscriptions were cancelled due to Google retiring Wallet for Chrome Apps X__X We have a new payment provider but you just need to re-subscribe :D We've sent a couple emails about it, let me know if you didn't get them (we're giving sweet discounts if you renew after the cancelling).

    Viddit and docs fell under the "beta features" category for premium! Sadly, docs didn't make it past beta as not many people used it but those who did were costing us more than their premium gave us and we're kind of not rich ;)

    Newest beta feature is the beta of the newer, awesome mobile app built from scratch!! If you haven't checked it out, you should because it kicks ass!


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