Adding Firewall Exception in Windows

  • Videostream needs an unblocked connection to the chromecast in order to work correctly, to get this setup - follow the steps below

    To fix it you can forget then reconnect to wifi. Alternately, for windows 8.1 and sometimes windows 7 you can go into

    Network and Sharing Center -> HomeGroup -> Next -> Troubleshoot network problems -> Explore additional options

    Don't click on explore but a screen "apply this fix" will come up and this can help fix the issue!

    If you're still having any issues after applying these settings shoot us an email and we'll get it figured out:

  • I apologise, but this suggestion to add firewall exception in Windows is completely useless and misleading.

    Adding a firewall exception in Windows is not done through the homegroup troubleshooter, but through the firewall manager. Would it be possible that you clarify which port needs to be opened in the firewall?

  • Yep, this post is misleading, probably just improper title.

    You need ports Incoming TCP ports 5556, 5558 opened.

  • Thanks acid. This fixed the problem!

  • @acidhax said:

    Yep, this post is misleading, probably just improper title.

    You need ports Incoming TCP ports 5556, 5558 opened.

    Thanks, this definitely worked.

  • Please give instructions on how to do this in Windows 7.

  • I too would like to know how to open these ports so that I can watch my movies successfully. I received a chromecast for Christmas and other than using it for chromecast apps like youtube, I am yet to find a way to stream my movies on it. I was recommended to use videostream but am getting the firewall message when trying to play them and despite clicking on the repair firewall download button it doesn't seem to make any difference. Please help.

  • This is what worked for me on windows 10:

    Open "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security"

    Select "inbound rules" on the left navigation
    Click Action->New Rule
    Select Port -> Next
    Select TCP
    Select local ports : 5556,5558
    Click next through to the end (You'll need to name the rule)
    That should do it.

    Windows doc:

  • I'm trying to setup remote access outside of my local firewall so that I can cast when away from home. I've followed the instructions for Win 10 to setup TCP access and I did an extra step by setting up the same ports in my Google Fiber setting. However, I'm not able to access Videostream on my mobile unless I'm on the same WiFi.

    Do I have to be on the same WiFi to access Videostream? Setting up remote access is important to me because I travel a lot and I also visit friend and watch my videos. If this is not something Videostream can do, then I would like to know that too.

    I can do this with Plex and I'm comparing the two to see which one will work best for me. Thanks!

  • @Jason-from-Videostream My friend set up my computer so i can play video stream on my HP ALL IN ONE COMPUTER. i play movies on computer and it videostreams throught chromecast onto my tv. everything works fine. except when videostream is playing on my computer my screen saver will not turn on the entire time. When i put computer on sleep the video plays no more than under 2 mintues then says buffering and wont start again till i take it off sleep. my concern is since i have been watching 4-5 movies a day that the image will burn into my computer plz help me. videostream is ONLY program on my computer when played wont bring up screensaver

  • @bdcmom47 Don't setup your computer to sleep or start the screen saver, the newer monitors don't have the burn-in problem that older ones have. You can set up the display to turn off after a certain amount of time without affecting Videostream. I have my computer setup this way, I can access the videos on my computer through my cell phone and play them on the TV. I also have 4 Chromecast's in the house and the mobile app lets me pick the Chromecast I want to use. I love this program, it makes it easier to watch the movies and videos I have stored on my two computers, one of which is a small headless server connected via Ethernet.

  • @sirclesam Thanks a lot sam. It worked for me.

  • In windows 7 and 8 it's not an issue of going through the troubleshooting process in the homegroup, but you have to enable the file types to be shared.

    Control Panel (large icon view) -> Network and Sharing Center -> HomeGroup -> Change what you are sharing with the HomeGroup -> Video [set to shared] -> Next -> Finish.

    That should resolve the problem without having to download the Videostream firewall repair, which would not work on my computer for some reason. It stopped at 3/4 complete during the install to repair the firewall automatically. If you are afraid that sharing video will be an issue allowing for unwanted access, it only applies to your HomeGroups networks and not public networks.

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  • Thank you for summarizing how to do it right. I propose to look at telnet server for windows at each implementation in comparison with other servers, only it satisfied my need, I am talking about speed and security first of all, and I know for sure that any problems will be solved quickly and professionally.

  • I opened the ports on my firewall and it still didn't work. I ran Chrome as an administrator and it worked.

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