Trouble Talking?

  • I have been successfully casting to my chromecast for a while now and today, the message I get on my computer is "We're having trouble talking to your Chromecast!" I can go to Youtube and play a video there, but when I tried an MP4 file, I get this message. The night before we were able to play. Can't seem to find anything on the form about this so I'm hoping I just overlooked something.


    As far as I can tell, nothing has changed. The hardware is the same as it was the night before.

  • Hello, is this only for a particular file thats causing it or every file now?

  • I tried different MP4 files and the same result. I even tried the one I used the night before when it was working and no change.

  • Is this just mp4 files?

  • I am having similar issues right now. Try uninstalling videostream and reinstalling it. It usually works for me. I've had to do it several times lately but it seems to be a temporary fix for now.

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