Disable automatic subtitle selection?

  • I don't know when this started but I can't disable automatic subtitles that are included in videofiles. Is there a way to disable/enable this? This Feature sure comes in handy sometimes but other times it is just annoying.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Go to the Configure menu and go into the subtitle menu and change defaults

  • Thanks for your reply!

    This just determines which language is used by Default, my problem though is that I want them to be disabled by default. There is no option for that.

  • @Thodi Oh really?! Okay.. Try setting some rando language that will probably not have subs.

  • Thanks again!
    Sadly I already tried that and set the language to some random selection.
    The english subtitles were still used by default each time a new episode started which started to be annoying after some time.
    From what I've experienced this just randomly started some time ago, it is no problem when watching a movie since you set everything the way you want and then you sit down and enjoy. It gets annoying after you watch some show that is just 20 minutes long and you have to change the settings each time, I bought premium to avoid selecting a new episode each time but now I have to get the settings right each time. (maybe you could build that into the mobile app?)

  • Hey, there should be a default language option that's just "None", can you try that out? We added it pretty recently :)

    Let me know if it doesn't work!

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