Any way to change internal subtitle size? Subtitles are way too large.

  • Hey

    I was wondering if there is any way to effect subtitles that are hardcoded into a file. My problem is that the subtitles are way to large when being casted. On my computer they size is fine, through the videostream app, it seems like the screen isn't big enough to hold the complete picture along with subtitles being rather large.

    Mainly using mkv files for watching anime, hence the subtitles. So any work around to change the size?



  • Having the same issue, sizing the subtitles would be amazing!

  • Go to the configure menu in the top right and go to the subtitle options

  • I'm having the same problem. Just bought premium to have access to subtitle-sizing. However, changing the size in the settings does not work either.

    For the record, I'm also watching anime in .mkv format.

    Really hoping someone can provide a solution to this, as the videos are unwatchable while the subs are so huge.

  • Phil just fixed SSA/ASS subtitles from not resizing, it should be updated in the next day!

  • No, you can't resize hard-coded / burned-in subtitles. You can't alter them at all; they're a part of the video same as grass, trees, and faces. You can't resize any of those.

    If your subtitles are changing in size relative to the rest of the video when changing from your PC to being casted, then the subtitles are not hard-coded. They are just inside the mkv container and not a separate subtitle file.

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