[Developer Post] - App does load/start Anymore (blank page loads)

  • We've been getting a ton of emails with users saying the app was working before and a couple days after install it breaks and won't load anymore.

    If you're seeing:

    1. The app not loading at all anymore
    2. The app app opening a white screen and then freezing there forever

    Do these steps to fix:

    1. Update Malwarebytes definitions to the newest version
    2. Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome

    If you're interested what's happening here: Malwarebytes accidentally flagged a core portion of Google Chrome as a backdoor and removed the file from your computer. A couple days later Malywarebytes realized their mistake and pushed an updated definition (unfortunately at this point the file was already deleted from your computer). There's more information on the malwarebytes site: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/163201-google-chrome-nacl64exe-backdoorbot-different-to-other-post/

  • Alternatively to uninstalling/installing Chrome:

    • Open Anti-malware

    • Go to History

    • Find: nacl64.exe

    • Select and Restore

    • Restart Chrome (I killed all Chrome related tasks in task manager first)

  • @Jason-from-Videostream

    Hey Guys,

    Clicking on the Videostream App from the chrome app launcher does nothing.
    This problem has just begin today. It was working fine yesterday.
    I do have malwarebytes but haven't used it in a while and it does not run in the backgroud (i turned that feature off)
    I have noticed however that chrome seems to have installed an update since yesterday,
    as reported by my CristalIdea Uninstall Tool. I think this has broken the app.



    EDIT: Just to be sure anyway I just reinstalled chrome but no luck.

    Added a picture this small videostream window loads, then nothing happens.
    Wed 28 01.png

  • @isaacchristie
    no idea what happened,? but everything is working again.

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