nacl64.exe when playing videostream is using 50% of resources

  • @Jason-from-Videostream @matt Hey Devs, so this is rather new but videostream started buffering like crazy lately. I checked the task manager and noticed that nacl64.exe is using half the cpu power of my computer. After looking up what this is, it says used for debugging. I disabled cause I thought I could get away with that but videostream doesn't work with it off so I turned it back on. So I guess my question for you the devs is this, are you guys pretty much dumping every bit of info into that debug log cause if you are this maybe the reason that people are suffering from terrible buffering lately. Thoughts?

  • @eyesofnova Thanks for all this, appricaite the detail here :)

    nacl64.exe is actually the process for our transcoding engine, so I would expect it to have very high processor usage. I replied to the other thread, if you could try out the old version and let us know if it stutters that would be awesome

    my person email is

  • I can def do that.

    • when playing xvid format the nacl64 process is stressing the cpu. this is for the old version, too.

    • when playing x264 files i don't notice the nacl64

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