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  • I've played many sites over many years, and found theinternetslots OK. Unbelievable graphics and user-friendly website. Good for people starting out that don't want to risk much money.

  • Benefits of Gambling to Human Physical Health
    Slot machines and card games excite the human nervous system and molecular physiology. As a result, the body produces hormones of happiness and stress. A cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline enters the bloodstream, activating brain activity accordingly. A person during a game experiences mild stress, a sense of nervous excitement and joy. Similar feelings can be obtained during lovemaking, active sports or, oddly enough, during an argument.

    Observations of subjects while gambling online slot machine games have led to the following conclusions:

    dosage stress trains the CNS;
    regular participation in gambling increases the ability to work;
    physical susceptibility to stressful situations decreases.
    Dosed hormonal releases occurring while playing in an online or real casino are beneficial. Increased blood flow to the brain trains cognitive function.

    Separately, studies have been conducted on the long-term effects of realized gambling. It turned out that gamblers with experience (non-professionals and non-gambling addicts) are much less prone to memory loss in old age than non-gamblers.

    And among the people who named gambling and card games as their hobby, a higher stress tolerance and lower emotional fatigue were recorded. At work such people are more enduring and able to work and achieve a higher official position.

  • The problem of gambling has recently become extremely important due to the widespread spread of cash slot machines, the opening of many casinos, as well as bookmaker's offices (including online ones). All of them are beautifully decorated, which contributes to enhance the suggestive effect of an easy opportunity to win in a short time and a constant desire to win back and win more. Slot machines have been widespread all over the world for a long time. For example, an online casino, like casino bonus online, very cool and safe

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