Videostream and McAffee

  • For McAffee to add an exemption for chrome.exe:

    1. Open your McAfee application.
    2. Click Web and Email Protection.
    3. Click Firewall.
    4. Click Internet Connections for Programs drawer.

    NOTE: Depending on the version of the McAfee software you have installed, this may be called Program Permissions.

    1. Scroll to the bottom and click Add.
    2. Click Browse and locate the file you want to add.
    3. Select the application and click Open.
    4. Set the access type you want using the options in the Access drop-down menu.
    5. Click Save.

    As well, you need to open ports in McAffee:

    1. Open a port
    2. Open your McAfee Windows Security software.
    3. Click Web and Email Protection.
    4. Click Firewall.
    5. Click Ports and System Services.
    6. Click Add.
    7. Enter the Program name of the application with the System Service Name field.
    8. Enter a description of the application or service to help identify the new rule.
    9. Enter the TCP or UDP ports required by the application (for Videostream it is 5556 and 5558)
    10. Change the drop-down option for the Open ports to: field to All PCs.
    11. Click Save.
    12. Verify that the application functions correctly.

  • Hi,
    could you be a bit more specific about what I need to choose?

    In the 1st section, in step 6, what file am I looking for? chrome.exe?
    in step 8, what access type do I need for Videostream to work?

    In the 2nd section in step 7, what is the program name of the application? What is the System Service Name?
    In step 9, are these ports TCP or UDP?

    Thank you!

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