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YouTube is owned by Google and they offer support to their users by way of several online help pages.
The above is just one way of doing it. Other methods of generating traction include: beta programs (which is a great way to test your product as well as build a user base before launch); video or live product unveils (a common practice with established enterprises who give product sneak peeks months in advance); and more recently (but hard to do well), the method of creating viral campaigns on social media to hype the product.
But whatever method you choose, you should strongly consider some form of paid promotion to supplement it (and accordingly budget for it in advance). Paid doesn’t necessarily mean print or online ads, it can also be sponsored reviews. The YouTube channel MacRumours often does sponsored reviews. They clearly title them as such and are generally neutral in their descriptions. This and other kinds of promotions get your product the attention it organically may not receive; and if done wisely can bright great ROI.
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