I have been screwing around with the firewall rules and currently have these: Videostream Chrome, Core, Desktop Application, Desktop Port (without the 5556 their program installs), Mobile & Mobile Application all set to TCP ports 5556-5558 Plus Videostream Core & Desktop Application UDP all ports. (I got onto the UDP idea when somehow one time I installed version .040 rather than .036 - never been able to get that back again). I installed the desktop app with Win8 compatibility on everything. If I run the desktop app, it goes to localhost:5557 & stops. If I hit enter at that point /ui/ is added to the end and the program pops up. Or if I just run Chrome and go to localhostL5557/ui/, the same thing results. At first, it didn't see my media library but that started working when I changed rule Desktop Port 5556 to just Desktop Port. BUT - pairing does not work so the application is still not useable. Richard