The Only Guide to Essay Writing You'll Ever Need

  • One of the common problems that majorities of the students and other people face is to continue gazing at a blank soft or hard paper when they have to write an essay assignment. This happens due to numerous reasons because students take essay writing as a highly complex and difficult challenge "essay writer". It can be a complex and difficult challenge if a student doesn’t know and follow the useful tips and instructions for writing an essay.

    In this blog, some major issues and problems that the students face in essay writing are explained along with some useful tips to improve their writing skills. Thoroughly and carefully read every problem and solution given with each problem. Once you’ve reviewed them, start practicing to overcome your writing issues.

    One of the biggest and major concerns that keep the students sitting idle and gazing at a blank paper is the failure in writing an introductory paragraph for the essay. Beginning an essay or any other assignment is always tricky and hard for most of the students. But, if you’re reading this blog, your problem has been solved.

    Do not be overwhelmed with the complexity of the task. Simply focus on the requirements of the topic. Note down all the essential points that are required to be conveyed in the essay. Then, write down the major focus and concern of the topic in your introductory paragraph along with what you’ll prove in the end. You can also include a few major and important points or arguments but not with complete details in your introductory paragraph. Here you go! Your introduction to the essay is ready.

    Another common concern or problem of the students in writing an essay is to develop a clear and desired thesis statement. Most students cannot write a proper thesis statement because they lack an understanding of what a thesis statement really is. And, even if they have an understanding of the thesis statement, they fear the failure of following and proving it through the explanation and argument in the essay. This problem can also be solved quite easily.

    A thesis statement comprises the claims and arguments that you’ll prove in the end. The first thing to note and carefully follow for writing a good thesis statement is to avoid using complex and vague vocabulary and claims that cannot be proved. Complex and vague vocabulary and statements are one of the biggest “essay writing problems” that the students and other people undergo commonly. Try to stay as simple as you can "essay writing service". In simple and clear sentences, using a couple of arguments and key points, convey your claim that you’ll discuss, argue, and prove throughout your essay. That is all for the thesis statement. It should be either between or at the end of the introductory paragraph.

    Today’s professors, teachers, instructors, and supervisors, etc. accentuate the credibility of an essay assignment in light of the authentic and legitimate resources used in writing it. This has become a chief global concern for all the students. Though, it may seem quite a tricky and hard task to find out relevant and authentic resources; however, it is not impossible at all. There are bundles of solutions available for this problem.

    The credibility of an essay depends upon reliable, legitimate, and authentic resources. To fulfill these essentials, all you have to do is to find out and use only “peer-reviewed” and “scholarly” resources. It is easy to search for such resources through “Google Scholar”. You can also use date-filters on Google Scholar while searching for required sources to see only the resources that aren’t too old. Consider proper and thorough research to collect and note down all the resources in a rough draft first prior to beginning writing your essay.

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