Which international experience is relevant and which is not?

  • We will share with you useful information about international experience in the resume - cv writing service. First of all, make yourself aware of the points in which the stay abroad has brought you further:

    • list itemHave you been able to improve your language skills?

    • list itemDid you have the opportunity to carry out projects during this time?

    • list itemWere you able to get to know the country's culture and thus improve your intercultural skills?

    In addition, always ask yourself which aspects are specifically relevant for the advertised position. If you have a good command of English, the language trip is a pound with which you can proliferate. When it comes to working in an international company, intercultural competencies are skills that will help you move forward, use resume writing services to check create attractive CV. Therefore, always read the job advertisement carefully and also find out which hard and soft skills are important for the respective job and which can give you an advantage over your competitors. In general, many employers value applicants with international experience:

    Flexibility: being able to adapt
    Openness: approaching new tasks and situations openly
    Social skills: being able to work with different people

    Do not forget after an interview to write a thank you letter to the recruiter. ordinary politeness but it can help get your dream work.

    However, it is very important that the time spent abroad is still relevant at the moment. Especially as an applicant with a lot of work experience, you should ask yourself whether your exchange year in the tenth grade is actually worth mentioning. Otherwise information like this is superfluous.

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