are you into music?

  • are you into music?

  • hi! I like playing the piano. And for the best sound I decided to buy a Stanway piano . The piano mechanics of this brand are equipped with a double accelerated rehearsal mechanism, due to which the sound is expressive and rich.

  • Hi! I am really into music! specially electronic music. It gives a nice energy to start my day and even works well for a workout. As i am a web designer, like most web designers in pakistan, I too have to sit long hours at my desk both at home and at office, so I really need a a powerful workout each day to stay active and healthy. And I think music is what makes my workout enjoyable otherwise it would be just hard word. Honestly I can't imagine working out or driving without music!

  • during the last two years I have become interested in playing the guitar

  • and I recently learned that tremendous advances in digital technology over the past few decades have made it easier and easier than ever to reproduce different types of reverb with a single flick of a switch. So I decided to get the best reverb pedal for guitar . Since the reverb pedal, like any ambient effect, will be most comfortable to sit at the end of any effect chain. This allows me to use its full potential for ambient sound; if you add reverb before other effects, its sound will be altered or in some cases cut off.

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