Spanish village tells tourists to suck up roosters and braying donkeys

  • Some called and complained about the roaring of donkeys. Other tourists called officials in the northern Spanish village of Ribadesella, population 5,700, to inform them of the mess left by stray cows.

    “Last week we had a woman who called us three or four times because of a cock that woke her up at 5 am,” said Ramon Canal, mayor of Ribadesella. 'She told us we have to do something.'

    The officials began to act. What they came up with, however, probably didn't match what the grunting tourists hoped for: a mocking poster campaign urging city dudes to “take all the risks” of rural life.

    “Here we have church bells that ring regularly, roosters that crow early in the morning, and herds of livestock that live nearby and sometimes carry cow bells that also make a sound,” reads a poster posted throughout the city. Last few days.

    “If you can't handle all of this, you may not be in the right place,” he adds.

    The goal is to bridge the sometimes gaping gap between urban and rural life, said the mayor of Spanish broadcaster Antena 3. “You have to understand that milk is not supplied in cartons, it comes from cows and you need to feed. And support them. '

    According to Deputy Mayor Luis Sánchez, the idea for the posters originated in a village in southern France. About two years ago, Saint-André-de-Valborn, home to about 400 people, pushed aside the grumpy townspeople with posters warning of the ringing of church bells, the ringing of cow bells and the crowing of cocks in the area.

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