Bunch of problems...

  • Hi
    I was getting a blurry screen, but I've now gone through the workaround and it has been semi-successful…

    My two main problems now are:
    1/ the phone app (Android) couldn't find the regular media library. For a few days it was just spinning and continuously searching. It is now pointing to the same folder as the desktop app, but it only 'sees' files that have been uploaded in the last few days. It can't see all the other hundred files that have been there for a while.
    2/ when I use the desktop app to play a movie, either I get a horrible screeching audio track, or I get no audio at all.

    Most of the movies are .mkv but some are MP4. I can't see a pattern as to which work and which don't.

    I'm on a Mac, with the latest OS, and the latest version of Chrome.

    I'm disabled, so VS is a lifesaver when it works well.

    PS I am a premium subscriber

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