Pocket Styler Mod Review

  • I'm not really into fashion, so I had to invite a girl with good manners to try this game and leave a review. After the game, I asked her how she was doing. She replied succinctly: "Good luck!" with wide eyes.
    If you are a fashion lover, interested in fashionistas, or just want to learn how to improve your fashion gout like my aforementioned friend, welcome to the world of Pocket Styler.
    In the game, regardless of your skin color, race or face type, you will also become a "supermodel" with the standard Miss World hourglass body. No need to worry about "looks and physique"! In each round of the game, you will showcase your aesthetic taste, which gradually increases and becomes even better than ever. Faraway New York has now become your "land", where you freely enjoy fashionable colors and build your career with your image as a trendsetter. Get pocket styler mod apk and enjoy.

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