Videostream won't launch successfully as Standard User in macOS

  • Running a fairly new install of macOS High Sierra 10.13, fully updated.

    Just downloaded latest version of Videostream for macOS.

    Installed package for all users, using the Administrator account.

    Videostream runs fine under Administrator account.

    When running standard user account, Videostream icon just bounces endlessly on dock, and never starts.

    Sent email to Videostream support 6 days ago - no response yet.

  • Eh, I tried several times over the course of two days before giving up and posting here. Didn't get any helpful response from Videostream. I let the problem sit for about a week.

    Didn't make any changes to the install or my system. Just decided to randomly pull up Videostream again yesterday as the standard user and... it works. Weirdness. Oh well.

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