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  • Hi there! Where can I find information about the Travel Agencies on the Internet? It is important to have a verified and independent site.

  • I thought for a long time which travel agency to contact and decided that the gotogate usa would be the right choice, but I was wrong. There were problems from the very beginning. We were given the wrong plane tickets. We had to call the gotogate usa customer service to fix the problems.

  • Honestly, I can't help.

  • To be honest, I do not know because I have very rarely traveled. I always ask my friends to bring me something from a trip, but I never go anywhere myself. Sometimes it's even easier for me to order something from another country than to go and buy it. By the way, I read exactly how long the delivery will go on the Internet.

  • Hey guys. You don’t think this travel solution is a bit boring and, for example, I’m much more interested in traveling alone. I'm thinking of flying to Africa. Who has already been there, what can you visit?

  • Naturally, you need to go to Africa on a safari. Very safe, but keep in mind that you are safe in an unfamiliar environment with unknown dangers. It is best to follow your guide's instructions. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Africa every year and return unharmed.

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