Matura and some guidance for writing essay

  • Matura and some guidance for writing essay

    Writing essays on a literary theme with which students meet on a matura is not one of those skills that could only be developed with advice, since this skill is - if it is not naturally donated - acquired with a lot of effort and develops primarily with exercise.

    The starting point must indeed know and take into account basic laws, The characteristics of both types of essays that you meet in school benches (ie a discussion and interpretative essay), which you need to upgrade with the widest possible writing skills to develop the skills of writing. The teacher's feedback is very important, because without you can not progress. It is good to master the writing of the two types of essays, that when you open the matura polo, you really have the option of choosing. It is true, however, that a much larger share of pupils on the matura decides to write a discussion essay, even in schools, more attention is paid to this type of essay.

    The foundation of a good essay on a literary theme is a precise knowledge of the work under consideration (this year these are four drama opus Ivan Cankar). Precise knowledge is not without precise reading. The independent reading is followed by a school debate on work. parsing / interpretation of work. This includes any clarifications incomprehensible in the text, analysis of persons, themes, motives, evaluation, comparison with other literary parts, etc. The purpose of stand-alone reading and school discussion is that you know the content of the text accurately summarize, know the structure of the text, understand the message, purpose, ideas, motives, text themes, know the stylistic characteristics of the text. At the same time, it does not go without literary knowledge, and you must know the theoretical facts associated with the read work (eg the text you know in an appropriate literary genre and type, you know how to describe their features, you know the characteristics of the period in which the work is created, you know the authors of the text, You read additional professional literature, etc.). It is important that all of these are evaluated, you define the problems, thinking about them structured, commenting on them, as it develops your write my essay. Some materials that you can help with prepare for the matura essay is available on the RIC website.

    When you deal with the writing essay, pay attention to the instructions. Read more precisely and note when writing. Pay attention to the verbs that appear in the instructions (eg, describe, explain, explain, explain, summarize ...). You should be the starting point for what you will be able to tell and how you will be able to speak this. Do not mention everything you have in your head, do not try to read readers by knowing the facts if they are not required of you. If the instructions require a comparison of literary persons, compare them, not just imagine; If you need to clarify something, it is expected to be explained, which you can speak with causal-consequent ratios. The instructions are written to indicate the structure of the text, they are therefore an attachment for the breakdown of the introductory, core and finishing work.

    Introduce introductory or in the introduction. The problem thesis that can be taken out. Derive from a given address and introductory part of the instructions. A good introduction points out what you will write about what the red thread will be essay. In the core, you can dedicate the tasks of instructions. The instructions are drawn up to form a coherent whole and at the same time relating to the address, which means that logical transitions between issues and links between paragraphs will be established, if you follow the instructions. In the conclusion, return to the starting point and derive the final thought, connect the final thought to the problem thesis in the introduction. They often direct you to the last point of instructions, which presupposes an evaluation judgment on the given problem thesis. The conclusion is intended to roundate the whole, usually with the help of personal experience, updating, opinions. Of course, it does not mean that there is no room for your opinions, judgments, experiences in the introductory and core work. They are not more convinced by the reader. However, take care of the penetration that you do not go with the topic that you do not obvious. Focus on the instructions like you just believe the reader. Let's ask the rhetorical analysis essay help to understand that they clearly express your knowledge and thoughts about literary texts. The essay is not a literary text, which must enchant the reader with its literary style. It is not superfluous to write that pupils have a lot of points in linguistic regularity and style. In essay, the use of a literary language is expected, the potential use of stylishly marked choices must be justified.

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