free centos video server for streaming to smartphones

  • is there such a thing as a free video server that works on centos and will stream to mobile phones?
    For a couple of years I've been using red5 server (free version) on a centos 6 machine to test streaming live tv on my web page which is here:
    This page uses video-js for the web page player and everything works fine when viewing on a computer but I've never had any luck viewing on a mobile phone. I've been told that only pro version of red5 will stream to mobiles. I've also tried flowplayer (free version) but that's the same, the player will only work on a computer. It could by that my crappy little samsung galaxy ace phone just isn't up to the job but I've also tried other mobiles and they don't play either. I've searched on google but free software turns out to be pay-only when you start reading. tbh I don't know whether it's the video server or the website player that I need to change. Thanks for any advice.

    edit: this page is the same and uses flowplayer as the video player:

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