Videostream PC software suddenly stopped working since 7 or 8 februari

  • Since about 7 or 8 februari I’m not able to stream video from my Videocast PC software to my Chromecast on my TV. Before that I had NO problem at all, but suddenly it stopped working. Although I can not stream video I still can share my PC desktop to the TV and when I attempt to stream a video to my PC, the TV initially shows the streaming startscreen, but no video is loaded (show the is still a kind of trigger that works).
    From my Samsung S6 or Ipad everything it is still working fine (Netflix, youtube etc). So I think the problem could be caused because of an update of the Videocast of Chrome software.
    I tried a lot of things to repair this problem, but nothing seems to work, For example: i reinstalled the Videocast software, I reinstalled the chromecast device (twice!), checked my firewall ports, tried to load different video’s etc. But video anymore.

    I hope anyone can help me out.

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