Autoplay won't work with certain videos

  • So I just bought the yearly subscription to premium specifically for the autoplay feature. It works with most of my shows except for my entire collection of Southpark and doesn't work correctly with my collection of Ed Edd N Eddy. With all my Southpark episodes it will not autoplay the next episode which is very frustrating. With Ed Edd N Eddy, it will autoplay all the episodes, but it does not display the screen that let's you skip the 15 second wait on my phone. In fact, it doesn't display the timer on my TV either. It just acts as if a movie just ended and then out of nowhere it autoplays the next episode 15 seconds later. Both collections of Southpark and Ed Edd N Eddy are all .avi format. All my other shows that are .mp4 and .mkv autoplay perfectly with the 15 second timer and everything.

    I have already rebooted my android device twice and my computer as well. :(
    Please help? Am I the only one experiencing this? I have an android LG v10 running Marsh Mellow OS version 6.0 and my media server is Windows 10.

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