HEVC on the Chromecast Ultra

  • I ran into an issue where I had high cpu use sending a 1080p/h265 file to my new ChromeCast Ultra from Videocast. I took a random guess that it was due to transcoding.

    From there I spent time researching the underbelly of ChromeCast detection. Yeah. It's non-awesome.

    I needed to be able to test, so I did some testing with UniversalMediaServer.

    TL;DR: UserAgent can only be differentiat by cpu arch, but the U will handle my 4k/hevc files fine with 0 transcoding.

    So I guess my support request is to detect the CastU and passthrough HEVC to it without transcoding.

  • Nice work. Videostream+chromecast ultra for h265 streaming without transcoding would be awesome.

  • Any updates on x265/HEVC support?

    The ShieldTV supports Casting natively now as well. It also has hardware HEVC/10bit support.

    google's official answer is that you should use the chromecast api and query the device for it's capabilties

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