How to hitchhike so that nothing overshadows the trip?

  • Before going on a trip, you need to start with the route. To do this, it is best to download this year's road map of the designated area and see which settlements are found along the way, whether there will be gas stations or supermarkets along the way, whether there are forests, what animals can be found there, how many kilometers it will take.
    Having made the route, you need to think about where you will spend the night: whether you need a tent and a sleeping bag, or you will stay in hostels or couchsurf. The equipment and the amount of money that you take with you depends on this.
    Experienced hitchhikers advise to take with you a tent, foam, plenty of water and dry rations such as 'snacks' for emergencies.
    For example, you can stand for several hours on the highway, and no one has stopped, there is no shop or village nearby.
    To find a place for hitchhiking, it is important to assess not only your position, but also whether it will be convenient for the driver to stop here. Experienced hikers say that the best place is 100-200 meters after the ascent with a wide shoulder. Then the driver will slow down and see you. If no one stops for more than 20 minutes, then it is better to change the place, as it is 'bewitched by the evil fairies of the hitchhiker.'

    If no one wants to stop, or there is not a single car on the track at all, stoppers resort to such methods as visualization - down to the brand of the car and the image of the driver. At the very least, it will help pass the time.
    The first impression is the strongest. Simple and comfortable clothes are suitable for hitchhiking, preferably made of natural fabrics, which you will not mind throwing away after the trip. Girls are better off giving up too provocative clothes. What is comfortable to wear in hot weather in the city - short shorts and skirts - can be completely inappropriate on the road and provoke undesirable behavior of drivers. Clothes in bright colors are perfect for the voting hitchhiker, and if you wear reflective elements at night, you will attract more attention and will be visible in the dark.
    To avoid an unpleasant situation with the driver, it is important at the very beginning of the conversation to focus on the fact that you have no money. Then the driver understands that he is giving you a lift out of the kindness of his soul and decides for himself whether it is convenient for him and whether he wants to be kind right now.
    Hitchhiking is not a freebie story. In fact, the fee is provided, but it is intangible. It is important to understand that the driver who drives you does not owe you anything. Most likely, he decided to give you a lift because he is in a good mood and would like to brighten up a lonely road. So help him with this! Be good-natured, get in touch and communicate. Several incidents from life, a couple of jokes, and a conversation began. Experienced hitchhikers say that in such conversations you get to know yourself and the world around you better. On the road, there are often people with unique stories that you want to remember and retell to others.
    As one writer, whose name has remained for centuries, said: 'In terms of courtesy, it is better to oversalt than undersalt.' And in the case of hitchhiking, this rule from Miguel de Cervantes works for the traveler. Follow the simplest rules. Do you want to smoke? Ask the driver for permission. Don't like music? We'll have to endure a little, because you were allowed into someone else's space, and you are just a guest. Don't like the driving style? And in this case, it is better to keep your opinion to yourself. In the conversation, try to avoid the most sensitive topics: politics, religion, money, and it is better not to get into an argument.
    According to the stories of hitchhikers, on the road you can meet sincere people who are ready to treat you, give you some things or even a small amount of money. You should not refuse the offered help or service, because it will certainly come in handy along the way. But drinking alcoholic beverages with random companions is definitely not worth it.
    Experienced hitchhikers say that an adult, adequate and sober person on the road is unlikely to have any dangers or unpleasant situations. The girls are advised to travel with a company, and also to take a spray can with them - just for their own peace of mind. And if it’s very scary, then it’s better not to hitchhike.
    It is important to be in a good mood even when you are on the track for several hours in the pouring rain. Trust your intuition and hope for the best. Another important rule is that if there is a scandal in a group or with your hitchhiking partner, then it is better to solve it before the next hitchhiking. Otherwise, ruined vacation and bad memories.alt text

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