Two Giant Arrows

  • I connect between the PC and the television via Videostream and Chromecast just fine. My television is showing the Videostream splash screen just fine. So, off to select my file to play: Select File and that opening screen appears. Once the file has been selected, or during file selection, two giant arrows appear pointing to each other and float to the top. Once at the top of the screen, a box appears and says I have to select which Chromecast device I want to connect to (I have two of them) and the system freezes up. The option to chose which device, the "Stop" selection at the lower right of the box and right-clicking on the Chromecast icon in the upper right of the browser - nothing. It's froze up good. Eventually, it will "unfreeze" and the exercise starts all over again. It can take up to twenty minutes to "jimmy" a selection.

    BTW - while trying to get it to "unfreeze", the Videostream splash screen is still on my television. <-- ?!?! Really?

    Extraordinarily annoying...


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