No sound

  • Before upgrading to premium, the video was working just fine. Now, the video is run but without sound.
    Can you please help me fix the issue.

    Please note that I am using Windows 8.1 and I do have Avast 2015 installed.
    Youtube and other casts are working just fine on my Chromecast.

  • Reinstalled the app and everything seems to be working now. Not sure which was the cause of this issue.

  • Today the same issue: no sound. Can you please help me, because I do not want to reinstall the app each day.

  • It is probably your antivirus, add Chrome as an exemption and reboot your computer, and itll work fine :)

  • Reinstalled it yet again and it now works, so I doubt there is an antivirus issue.
    Can any of the devs try to find a solution for this issue, as I am using the premium version and it is a bit annoying to reinstall it each day.

  • @mitben Have you attempted adding Chrome as an exemption and seeing if it has any effect? Also, try selecting "Help" and Contact Us. Attach the log to the email and link to this support link :)

  • ....does it change anything to change the audio settings?
    If I set mine to AC3 I get no sound either.

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