Connection to Chromecast randomly lost after 15 to 60 min

  • Hey guys,

    hope you can help me out with this. Whenever I stream a movie via Videostream it looses connection to the chromecast after somewhat between 15 - 60 minutes. The duration is always different but the frequency seems to increase after the first time it happens (subjectively).

    Whenever the connection is lost, the movie stops and I see "buffering..". When I take a look at my laptop it only shows the Videostream Home screen.

    Clicking "Continue watching" for the movie sends me to the selection of the playback device but it can not find the Chromecast.

    After restarting my laptop wifi connection it becomes visible again.

    I attached the log-file to this topic.

    Thank you for your help!
    0_1473594364179_Videostream-ATTACH-ME (1).txt

  • Hi @Danysahne and others i have no doubt!

    Solution!!! (FOR MAC and possibly PC)

    This may be a bit laborious but works!

    This also solves the 'Device Missing; issue with Chromecast

    Rollback your Chrome to version 49 or 50.

    here is the download site for Mac, Windows and Linux:


    go to Terminal and copy and paste this command:

    cd ~/Library/Google
    sudo rm -R GoogleSoftwareUpdate

    Type in your Admin password to stop it auto updating.
    This means that until Google sort out Chrome and its numerous issues with Chromecast and Mac it will not update to version 52 which is where I started getting issues.

    As a sidenote, I found Casting with El Capitan was a pain so you can rollback to Yosemite if you desire.

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