Iphone storage space

  • Hi All

    sorry if this has been answered already, couldn't find a post on it
    I see that Videostream is taking up 1.2gb on my iphone - is there any reason it's taking so much space (Thumbnails or something?)

    is there something I can do to reduce the space it's taking up

  • having the same issue, had to reinstall the app in the end, because it had completely filled up my Iphone's memory

  • I noticed the other day after clearing some apps from my ipad that it continued to grow past ~1GB-ish~ until over 7GB. Not really interested in testing it out on my iphone 5S since it'll probably use up all 20GB free...

    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with with downloading and creating a local database of the remote media library, as it takes forever to populate and seems to correlate in growth with the amount of size used.

  • Hi all, same happens here. Videostream usage grows steadily. Deleting the app and reinstalling fixes it.

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