Playlist not displaying

  • Hi
    The app was working perfect few days ago now the playlist ist't diaplying the titles on Samsung Note 5
    I tried re-instaling the app and the issue remains
    works on Samsung 7

    please help2_1472310930275_Screenshot_20160827-180350.png 1_1472310930274_Screenshot_20160827-180344.png 0_1472310930272_Screenshot_20160827-180340.png

  • The same problem - i have Lg g3
    what happened to my greats up ?

  • Dear friends, I don’t know what happened lately but the software gone bad 

    1. I have premium for life but its keep asking to pay for premium

    2. The mobile – android app – can't work with it anymore, can't see the movies list

    3. I looked at your forum – you don’t answer the guys there …I know I following some of the problems ( same like mine)
      I haven't made any changes at my software – so it's on your side…

    Really love it

    But fixing is needed



  • Hi Eli!

    Sorry about that! 3 things to try! Make sure you're logged into chrome with the email account you paid on. Next go into the buy premium menu and click already have premium. Last if that doesn't work, log out of chrome and back in!

    As for the android problem. We actually don't use the forum anymore, we've switched over to using Reddit ( It seems like you are using a language that is RTL (Right to Left) which is most likely causing the problem. If you switch to english which is left to right, it should fix this problem. We will look into fixing the problem for people who use a right to left layout.

    Let me know if that helps :D



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