low latency wireless earbuds

  • Gaming mode or music mode is your call
    I am on a hunt for the best budget buds for some time and checked a lot reviews on Amazon. Finally I nailed this one, surprisingly they showed up good and stand test. I has used them for a few months, and they still function very well. low latency wireless earbuds.

    First I'd say pairing. It's easy and impresses me. Open to connect, once lift the case, both earbuds enter pairing mode. They also reconnected easily the next morning.

    Instruction. My first thought on that is I don't need a magnified glasses, normal reading glassed do the work well. There are a bunch of different languages, so the pamphlet is pretty big.

    Touch Control. Single tap leads to play/pause/answer, which is how it is supposed to be. Double tap goes up or down a track depending on which bud you pick. Triple tap on the right bud is for gaming mode. Jump from music mode to gaming mode at your calls any time.

    Battery life is amazing. Single per charge gives you 7h gaming time, longer when on music mode.

    Comfort wearing. My ears didn't feel painful after several hours of wearing them.

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