CPU running at 100% by nalcl64.exe

  • Hi,

    I was advised by a friend to try this out. But so far I have not been albe to use it with satisfaction.

    I have a fairly new laptop with intel core i7 cpu, 8GB ram and win8.
    When playing 720p, 60fps mkv file on the chrome videostream extension, the stream lags and the app informs me that I should decrease the resolution.
    The CPU is running at 100% (used by chrome nalc64.exe) all the time and I am forced to turn off the stream to avoid overheated cpu. The memory, hdd and network usage looks normal.
    I removed the plugin and reinstalled it but the issue was still there.

    I have no problem casting the same file with ctrl+o

    Please advise!


  • @debesay Would you be able to contact us from the help menu and send us the log file? :)

  • @acidhax done:)

    Thank you.

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