How does videostream categorize files?

  • I've got a large amount of video files, and I'm trying to get them to show up nicely on the mobile app (android). From some experimentation it seems that I can name things as follows:

    The Best Show/show_name_s1_e3_Episode Title.mkv

    and it will show up correctly under a show/folder/group called "The Best Show" called "Episode 3: Episode Title" under season one. This is great. I wrote a little python script and renamed all my stuff to show up correctly.

    Unfortunately I also have a bunch of things like bonus features and openings etc. Some of these I have figured out how to do, for example:

    Dragon Ball/dragon_ball_e001.mkv
    Dragon Ball/dragon_ball_OP.mkv

    if both in the same folder will show up as "Episode 001" and "Opening". This works, but I also have OVAs, Movies, and various other extras which I would like to show up in the same folder rather than what currently happens which is that it will assume they are their own show and not list them in that folder but instead at the base level. I'm sure there are tricky things I can name my files to get this to do what I want, but I haven't seen any documentation saying what those are.

    Also, is there some way I could make a sub folder which will be ignored by videostream? Then I could just put all my messy extras in there and not have them show up. For example "Dragon Ball/dragon_ball_e001.mkv" would show up just fine but something like "Dragon Ball/magic_ingore_folder/dragon_ball_bonus_footage.mkv" wouldn't show up. That'd be amazing.

  • I'd recommend making a folder called Season 0, that works for me

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