Weird ASS styling

  • Hi!

    Just today i got to know this wonderfull app for my chromecast... It rocks!

    However, there seems to be a weird behaviour when streaming videos (like anime) with embedded ASS subtitles (also know as "softsub"): the resulting video seems to ignore finer details like font, size, color, positionings and some others details...

    I do understand this behaviour when there isn't a need to transcode the video stream: just send to the chromecast and pray for the best. Its OK! But, when the video transcoding are needed, the video coding could include the ASS subtitle too ("hardsubing" the video) . It may improve the final result with little (or even none) impact on the overall performance...

    Summing up: why the output video isn't equal to the PC viewing on ASS styled videos?

    Thanks on advance!

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