Cannot find device anymore

  • I'm using videostream since a few weeks since any problem.
    Today I cannot see any more the rectangle to connect.
    I can browse my pc movies but when I start play the videostream tells "Connect to device... searching" forever.
    I try to run your firewall repair and it stuck at about 3/4.
    The chromecast works properly when I use Youtube or any other googlechrome ready app.
    So what should I do?

  • I second this, got the exact same problem. Have used Videostream for more than months without problems, but this issue surfaced a couple of days ago. Can still play from the computer, but the app can't connect to chromecast. Unplugged Chromecast, deinstalled and reinstalled the app, no solution. Other apps connect without problems.

  • @passegua I am having the same problem. As soon as I updated the IOS app, it could no longer find my videostream. I did run the firewall repair, and it completed successfully. However I am still unable to connect to my videostream with the app. Is there a solution for this??

  • Hi @Danysahne and others i have no doubt!

    Solution!!! (FOR MAC and possibly PC)

    This may be a bit laborious but works!

    This also solves the 'Device Missing; issue with Chromecast

    Rollback your Chrome to version 49 or 50.

    here is the download site for Mac, Windows and Linux:


    go to Terminal and copy and paste this command:

    cd ~/Library/Google
    sudo rm -R GoogleSoftwareUpdate

    Type in your Admin password to stop it auto updating.
    This means that until Google sort out Chrome and its numerous issues with Chromecast and Mac it will not update to version 52 which is where I started getting issues.

    As a sidenote, I found Casting with El Capitan was a pain so you can rollback to Yosemite if you desire.

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