Unable to pair to computer through router.

  • Hey Guys!
    I'm troubleshooting an issue right now. My modem's wifi was a joke so I purchased a Netgear r62220 wireless router. I connected all my devices (phones, chromecasts) wirelessly to my new wireless router and I moved my ethernet cable from my modem to my router.

    Here's the problem. Now that everything's moved over, I go to my phone and tell it to pair to my computer and I get "Cannot find any computers! Make sure you're on the same wifi network as your computer with videostream."

    I've moved my ethernet cable back over to my modem, and I get the same message. My PC needs to be plugged in via ethernet.

    Just to be clear on my set up. Modem to Router, Router is physically connected via ethernet to my PC and all other devices are wirelessly connected to the Router.


  • I'm having the same issue, anyone else figure this out? Is there something we need to enable? I thought it'd just find it on the network. Thanks!

  • @Capsule I got this problem too, would be nice to know how to fix it. I can use phone as a remote control when I connect it to Chromecast, but can't pair it with the computer.

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